Edifier R1000T4, Minimalist Speaker, Resonance Resistant

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Looking for a speaker with a size that is not too big? So, the Edifier R1000T4 speaker is the right choice. Besides having a minimalist size, these speakers also have many advantages. One of them lies in the clear and blaring bass sound. So, here are some advantages offered by this one speaker.

Edifier R1000T4, Minimalist Speaker, Resonance Resistant

Excess Speaker Edifier R1000T4

Home speakers with a minimalist size are quite necessary for some people who need speakers in a small room. Well, one of the speaker recommendations that are suitable for these needs is the Edifier R1000T4.

Besides having a minimalist shape, these speakers are also equipped with many advantages, so they are no less competitive than other types of speakers. So, here are some advantages offered by this one speaker.

Economical Place

As already explained, this speaker has a minimalist size, so it can be very economical in space. This speaker can be placed on a table, TV shelf, and so on. That way, your TV room looks tidier and doesn’t seem cramped because it’s not filled with big speakers.

Fairly Resistant to Resonance

The next advantage offered by this speaker is that it is very resistant to resonance, this is because this speaker is made of 100% medium-density fiberboard. Apart from that, this speaker is also wrapped in a classic design, so this speaker is very suitable to be placed on a home theater, TV shelf, or even a table.

Clear Produced Bass Sound

When asked about the bass sound produced by this speaker, it is also quite clear and not cracked. By using a 4 inch driver and a 3/4 drive tweeter, this speaker is capable of producing quality sound. In addition, the frequency response level of this speaker is at 75 Hz – 18 kHz.

Light Weight

When compared to other home speakers, the Edifier R1000T4 series speakers are light in weight. for its own weight, which is only 5.1 kg, so that it can make it easier for users to move it to another place as desired.

So, those are some of the advantages that this minimalist speaker from the Edifier R1000T4 brand has. Well, how, very high quality right? With high tones and clear bass from this speaker, of course, it will be very suitable for listening to a video from television or playing a song. Not only that, but this speaker is also very suitable to be placed anywhere and is very economical.