Speaker Advance M180BT, Clear Sound, Quality, and Affordable Price

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The Speaker Advance M180BT becomes a 2.1 speaker consisting of 2 satellites and 1 woofer. Not only that, this speaker is also equip with several features to make it easier to operate. So, instead of being curious and so that it can be taken into consideration, here are some reviews relate to these speaker products.

Speaker Advance M180BT, Clear Sound, Quality, and Affordable Price

Speaker Advance M180BT Review

Sometimes, if you only rely on the sound from the TV or radio, you feel that it is not loud enough and you are not satisfied. So, some people prefer to use additional speakers to produce a booming sound.

Well, one of the speakers that is suitable for choice is the Advance M180BT brand. This is because these speakers have quality specifications. for that, if you are curious about the specifications, please refer to the following.

Equipped with Various Features

This one speaker comes with some features that are quite diverse. Users can listen to sound from these speakers via media such as USB flash drives, SD, and MMC memory cards through stereo speakers and an integrate subwoofer.

Not only that, but this Advance speaker is also equip with an FM radio feature. so, for those of you who like to listen to the radio, you can play it directly through the speakers.

Equipped with Super Vibra Bass Technology

The Speaker Advance M180BT is also equip with advance technology, namely Super Vibra Bass. With the presence of this technology, of course it can support the resulting bass sound to be more powerful and jarring. In addition, this technology also helps the treble sound quality to be smoother.

Can Be Accessed Using Bluetooth

Because it carries modern technology, of course, this speaker can also be access using Bluetooth connectivity. So, when you want to connect a device such as a television, computer, gadget, and so on, just turn on the Bluetooth of both devices.

The Consumption of Electric Power is Classified as Economical

Then how to consume Advance speakers? Well, the battery power consumption of this speaker is quite economical. Consumption is only about 35 watts. so, you don’t need to be afraid of wasting electricity when using this one speaker.

The Price is Affordable

These speakers are also sold in the market at a fairly affordable price. With this affordable price, you can get quality from this one speaker. What’s more, this speaker has an attractive design, of course it is very suitable to be place next to the television.

Thus the review of the Speaker Advance M180BT is explaine above. So, from some of the explanations above, of course you already know that these speakers are quite high-quality. For that, you can make considerations to buy this speaker, of course.