Polytron BB 3501 RC, Active Speaker With Clear And Loud Sound

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This Polytron BB 3501 RC is one of the active speakers that are suitable to be paired with a TV screen in a living room. The speaker has a clear and powerful sound, so it is very suitable for use in the house.

Not only that, this speaker is also equipped with several features. So, if you want to know more about this speaker, please see below.

Polytron BB 3501 RC, Active Speaker With Clear And Loud Sound

Polytron BB 3501 RC Speaker Review

Speakers are one of the optional requirements that quite a lot of people have. They use these speakers when they want to listen to sound through live television or only use it as a radio transmitter to make it bigger and louder.

One type of speaker that people are quite interested in is the active speaker from the Polytron variant of the BB 3501 brand. So, here’s a review of the Polytron active speakers.

Attractive Design

This variant of the Polytron speaker has a design that is quite attractive and of good quality. This product is equipped with a sub-woofer, 2 surround speakers, and 2 satellites. With this combination, of course, this speaker can produce a clear sound. So, this speaker is very suitable to be used as a home speaker to be paired with a TV screen.

Clear and Booming Sound

The Polytron BB 3501 RC speaker is also capable of producing clear and booming sound. In fact, it can be heard outside the room if set at full volume. Not only is the sound booming, but this speaker also produces bass booms and smooth trebles.

So, the audio output from these speakers is beyond doubt. So, if you often use speakers to listen to the radio loudly, these speakers can be an option.

Equipped with Various Ports and Inputs

Not to forget, this speaker is also equipped with quite a variety of ports and inputs. Starting from the USB port, CD, DVD, MP3, and SD card. So, all of these ports and inputs can help these speakers to be connected to several other devices.

Equipped with Remote Control

To facilitate the operation of this Polytron speaker, of course, it is also equipped with a remote control. That way, users can operate menu navigation without having to manually. So, even with a long distance, users can manage the navigation menu using the available remote.

The price is equivalent to the quality

For the price of this one speaker, of course, it is also very equivalent to the quality. By using an elegant design and several qualified specifications, of course the price offered is quite affordable to be able to get this quality.

So, those are some reviews regarding this Polytron BB 3501 RC active home speaker. So, this speaker is equipped with a complete port and input. In addition, this speaker is also presented to produce a clear and booming sound.