Polytron PHT 728 Sounds Booming, Still Comfortable to Hear

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Now you can feel watching cinema you can only from home. With the presence of home theater technology, you can play your favorite movies with picture and sound quality like in a cinema. You can get this from Polytron PHT 728.

Polytron PHT 728 Sounds Booming, Still Comfortable to Hear

Polytron PHT 728 Sounds Booming, Still Comfortable to Hear

This home theater from Polytron can provide an experience like watching a cinema with a 5.1 channel surround system. This audio system will transmit sound, each of which comes from a different direction. Thus the sound produced can be more real and precise.

Home Entertainment

This device is equipped with 5 speakers, 1 center speaker, 2 front floor standing speakers, and 2 rear surround speakers. There is also an HDMI out slot and a USB slot which can display a collection of your favorite music or movies. You no longer need to leave the house to get entertainment for yourself and your family.

Music Center

The bass and treble booms are clearer, making the audio output feel like you’re not playing around. You can also change the Equalizer settings to get the sound that suits your taste. You can also get an experience like watching a movie with its 5.1 channel surround system.

With this technology, it can also transmit sound that feels more convincing, similar to a cinema. Delivering a balanced, precise sound lets the sound fill the entire space around you.

Indulge in Every Leisure Activity

5 speakers, 2 front floor standing speakers, 2 rear surround speakers, and also 1 center speaker embedded in this speaker package set. This device can also pamper you every time you watch movies or just listen to music.

This stylish black metallic design makes Polytron PHT 728 not only indulge your senses but also contribute to beautifying your interior.

Booming Sound

The sound created by this device is booming with steady bass quality and is comfortable even for children’s ears. The available image quality is also Blu-Ray. This home theater is even the best recommendation for home theaters.

This device is also non-echo and does not need a silencer. It’s jarring but still comfortable for all ages to listen to. The PHT 728 speaker is power efficient and only consumes 95 watts of power.

This device also uses an LED display that looks more modern. This impression is also added to the speaker design which is simple but still looks handsome. The product weighs around 20 Kg and requires a little more space to place the speakers.

However, this certainly won’t feel like a loss because of the many advantages offered by this home theater. Polytron PHT 728 is powerful, each tower stand can make a different sound. The black premium design adds a more comfortable appearance and does not feel conspicuous in the eyes.