LG DH3140S Home Theater Solution Enjoy High-Quality Entertainment

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LG DH3140S Home Theater offers home users the sensation of watching movies like in a cinema. Of course, watching your favorite movies with your beloved family is more exciting.

Actually, watching movies in the cinema gives its own sensation. However, some people have time constraints. This is due to their dense activity.

Although there are many movie players, but not everyone likes it. Electronics manufacturers see this as a good opportunity by presenting home theater.

LG DH3140S Home Theater Solution Enjoy High-Quality Entertainment

Description of LG DH3140S Home Theater

Who says getting quality time with family must always spend an expensive budget? Without leaving the house, you can enjoy the warmth of family togetherness.

One of them is by presenting a home theater. Armed with the latest technology and excellent features, the tool will spoil users. The sensation of watching it is much more exciting than coming to the cinema.

Want to know the best product? The LG DH3140S is the answer. The following is the full product description and review.

Stylish and Elegant Design

Comes in a charming black color that makes the product seem more stylish and elegant. Even when you pair it with furniture or other household appliances it won’t look strange.

Home Theater, Micro, and Mini Audio Features

With LG’s Home Theater Systems, Micro and Mini Audio you can not only play files stored on USB devices, but also record CD songs or FM radio programs on your USB, while listening to songs at the same time.

Image Quality

Armed with a Dolby Digital 5.1 system, the LG DH3140S home theater is able to present clear and sharp visuals.

Fantastic Surround System

The presence of the Dolby Digital decoder produces powerful and high-quality sound, so it is really close to the original. You seem to be stranded in a new world of entertainment. More immersive and completely uninterrupted.

Integrated by 2 5.1 CH speakers, making audio output crystal clear as expected. The output is 45W. It’s not wrong if the LG DH3140S Home Theater is a medium to get an enthralling cinema experience in real life. Guarantee you and your family are getting immersed in watching the movie of choice.

FM Radio Features

The entertainment system in the form of favorite radio stations will add to the experience of listening to music even more amazingly. Interestingly, it’s not just listening to FM radio.

You can also record. This is thanks to a special matrix technology with powerful and dynamic bass output.

More Compatible

In addition to watching movies, LG DH3140S can be a mainstay to enjoy your favorite music through CDs and DVDs that you keep as a collection. This home theater from LG is also compatible with

Audio, VCD, and CD-RW.

The available USB can be used to play your favorite music to record songs directly from FM radio or CDs. So, you can listen to your favorite music anytime.

Interested in bringing home the LG DH3140S Home Theater? Prepare a budget of around IDR 1,599,900.